“Coronavirus crisis underscores urgent need for superfunds” – Joe Dabrowski


Joe Dabrowski of the PLSA in his recent article for Professional Pensions:

“Making a real impact requires bolder action. The Government has promised change in the form of superfunds for some time, but has stalled its progress. Superfunds are a type of consolidator whose structure would allow it to collect together several corporate pension schemes and, with the help of investor capital, run them more efficiently and cheaply than the individual sponsoring employers; the super fund will then run the schemes until either all the pensions have been paid or the scheme is financially strong enough to be passed on to an insurance company.

“If the government wants to help schemes and stressed sponsors, now is the time to press on with a regime that can offer a ‘win-win’ for savers and employers.”

Please see the full article here: https://www.professionalpensions.com/opinion/4015468/coronavirus-crisis-underscores-urgent-superfunds