Pension SuperFund Sees Opportunity in Private Equity But Won’t Be Jumping The Gun


In June, The U.K pensions regulator issued guiddance for those firms wanting to launch a pension superfund, an entity designed to pool multiple defined benefit pensions into one larger pot. The guidance is just that; currently, the U.K does not currently have an approved legal framework for a pension superfund to operate.

The Pension SuperFund, one of the organisations bidding to operate a pension superfund when the U.K government creates a formal regulatory framework, has been busy preparing for the green light. James Pearce recently joined as CFO and its asset and liability management committee, announced in August, includes the likes of Aberdeen Standard Chairman Martin Gilbert and £43bn Border to Coast u.K local authority pension chief Chris Hitchen. Much of the PSF”s activity at present centres around engaging with British companies with a view to absorbing their pension schemes’ assets and liabilities when the floodgates do open, but as far as portfolio construction is concerned, the plan is largely agreed.

Written by Greg Winterton. Read the full article here